About us

We are Daria Brahina and Wolfgang Kemmer.

I have been working as a freelance author, editor and lecturer in language courses for over 20 years. I heard many exciting stories from my course participants. Unfortunately, a German course does not offer the appropriate platform to process such dramatic, sometimes traumatic experiences. As an author, however, I always had the idea of collecting the stories and writing them down.


Through meeting Daria in the integration course and talking to her, who is a very future-oriented, positive person due to her coaching training and her whole attitude to life, it became clear to me that it can't just be about exciting "escape stories". It is therefore important to us, above all, to show prospects for successful integration and perhaps also to help develop them.


I'm a life coach, but also a refugee. I fled to Germany from Ukraine because of the war. I've been in Germany for a year. I know how difficult it is to start life over. We refugees all have common problems and difficulties. With a project like this, we can help a friend integrate.