We're looking for your story

From day-long illegal escape in a coffin across several national borders, the "culture shock" at first encounters with the German bureaucracy to opening your own shop or successfully completing a university degree in Germany - everything is conceivable and interesting for us.
We are looking for thrillers, tragedies, comedies and success stories, but above all real fates and examples of successful integration that give hope, courage and desire - on the one hand courage to take the difficult path in the new homeland, on the other hand desire to give the newcomers on this path the to reach out and help. Have the courage and contact us. You might help yourself and others to better understand each other and each other.
Talk to us, write to us or send us your story directly. And if you are not a natural storyteller, we have put together a small catalog of questions that can help you with your memory work. Of course, you don't have to answer all the questions and you can also tell us completely different things that we may have forgotten in our questions. The list of questions only contains suggestions and is intended to provide you with a guide.
If you prefer, write in your native language. We will translate the text to the best of our knowledge and belief and will get back to you if we have any questions. If we publish the text, which we cannot guarantee, you will of course receive it again for approval beforehand.