We want to present real "stories", not just three or four sentences like:


"I fled because there was a war in my country. I came via the Mediterranean/Balkan route, that was bad. Germany is beautiful, but the language is difficult. I have to learn them because I want to stay and work here.”


The following questions should help you to tell your very personal, slightly longer story:


How did you live in your home country before the war/disaster/event that led to your flight?


Which schools did you attend?


What education/profession do you have?


What was/is your family situation?


Who / what did you have to leave behind in your home country?


What ultimately led to your decision to leave your home country? Was there perhaps a very special event that ultimately led to the escape?


How and where did you find out about escape options?


How did your escape go? Who helped you? What obstacles were there?


Which escape route did you take? Which countries did you come through? How long did the escape take?


Did you want to go to Germany from the start? If yes why?

Or did you have another goal? If yes, which one and why? So why did you end up in Germany after all?


How long have you been in Germany?


How was the arrival in Germany? How were you received?


What things were completely new for you here?


What was particularly nice, what was particularly bad for you?


Have you experienced something called “culture shock”?


How do you like the weather in Germany? Do you like German food?


What do you miss the most here?


What bureaucratic hurdles were there?


How was your living situation at the beginning, how is it now?


Who helped you here?


How is your family situation here and now?


Do you have any tips for other refugees who are new to Germany?


Do you have contact with Germans? How did you get in touch?


How are your contacts at home?


Do you have many friends here in Germany?


Do you know other refugees who have successfully integrated in Germany?


Do you see prospects for yourself? Which are they? If not, why not?


What are you missing to successfully integrate in Germany?


What kind of help would you like?


Imagine your ideal life in Germany. How do you imagine it? Do you have the ability and resources to make it happen?


What else would you like to add? What would you like to share?